Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Top Ten Settings

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish
My Top Ten Settings:

10.  Tortall from Tamora Pierce's books-  Tortall is basically a deciduous forest in a temperate climate, but it is roamed by knights and not-so-mythical creatures.  I would kind of like a reason to learn how to sword fight.

9.  Maycomb, Alabama from To Kill a Mockingbird- Obvs I'm not so keen on the racism, but I have always been curious about small town life.  I'd love to have neighbors and be allowed to play outside without my parents fearing for my abduction.  In PG County, we try to avoid our neighbors as much as possible despite the cramped neighborhoods.

8.  Stoneybrook, Connecticut from The Baby-Sitters Club series- Again, close knit town, this time in the North.  I particularly like how this small town has its own university.

7.  Dauntless Headquarters from Divergent- Wow.  A cliff society with no railings?  Lots of hardcore peeps?  Living in basically a giant cave?

6.  North Carolina as described by Nicholas Sparks- I love the cool breezes from the coast, the pretty water, and the relaxed atmosphere.

5.  The moors in Wuthering Heights- The loneliness, the desolation, the endless sea of green and cloudy skies.  Oh, and the mud.  What better scene for melancholy and desperate love?

4.  Kyrria from Ella Enchanted- In case you have forgotten, as I had, this is just where she lives.  The name Kyrria started my adolescent obsession with strange fantasy names.  Anyways, this is a fun land with nutty fairies and lots and lots of pretty things to look at.

3.  Rivendell from LOTR-  BTW, if you listen to the Fellowship soundtrack while napping, I can guarantee super trippy dreams about elves.

2.  Isle Esme from Breaking Dawn- Oh. My. Goodness.  Can I just say how much I can't wait for the movie? 

1. OF COURSE, HOGWARTS, because WHY WOULDN'T I want to live in a magical castle with adorable Brits and delicious food and sneaky elves?  My life back up plan is to work at the theme park.  I could easily be Ginny, which is who I am dressing up as for the party this summer!


  1. A big part of the reason I read is to travel, I think. It's easy to leave, too: close the book!

    Here's my list of Top Ten Settings in Books. I hope you will stop by and visit!

  2. If I could visit any imaginary place, I think it would be Tortall. I loved all of the books and was sad when I got to the end of the series.

  3. King's Castle Rock comes to mind. Also Russo's Empire Falls. Fun topic to consider. Thanks!