Thursday, June 9, 2011

Interview with Augusta Blythe, Author of Winterborne

A few days ago, I reviewed the debut ebook Winterborne.  Here is an interview with the author, Augusta Blythe, a lawyer currently living in England.  You can check out her Goodreads page here and her personal blog here.

In case you missed my plot summary and review of Winterborne, you can check here before reading the interview (or you could probably just scroll down)!

LPFR: Winterborne is the story of two very different best friends.  If you had to pick one word to sum up each girl, what would they be?   

Augusta:  Mia - confident; Loie - loyal.

LPFR: Which girl do you identify more with- Mia or Loie?  

Augusta:  Like a lot of characters, these two are composites of many people, including myself, so I have to say I identify with both.  I identify with Mia's confidence and Loie's tendency to find humor in humorless situations.    

LPFR:  What is your favorite part of the story?  

Augusta:  They probably won't be anyone else's favorite parts, but I love the scenes between Loie and Gran.  Gran is (loosely) based on my own grandmother, who died in 2003.  She was a real piece of work and she manages to pop up as a character in pretty much any story I write. 

LPFR:  You mentioned that you are working on Book 2.  Can you tell us any more about that?  

Augusta:  Without including any spoilers from Winterborne here, I'm continuing Loie and Mia's journey now that the girls have turned seventeen and the Ancients are getting restless.  I'm also including another hot guy that gives perfect Andreas a run for his money.  

LPFR:  What is your favorite book that you have read so far in 2011?  

Augusta: Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel.  I couldn't believe she managed to write him in such an engaging way that I found myself crushing on a historical statesman.  Unfortunately, it's been a slow reading year because I am trying to cram a lot of writing into the short spurts of time I have (centered around the schedules of two small children).  

Many thanks to Augusta Blythe for the interview!  If you haven't checked out this book- do it now!

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