Sunday, June 5, 2011

Review of Winterborne by Augusta Blythe

by Augusta Blythe
eBook, published April 2011
Available for 2.99 on Kindle, Nook, and iBookstore

Winterborne is the story of two best friends, Mia and Loie (rhymes with Joey) as they approach their shared 17th birthday, December 21st.  Mia, the strong, beautiful one, is going to inherit psychic powers on her birthday, but her father, who also had these powers, disappeared a long time ago, so she doesn't know much about them.  Loie, an orphan who lives with her crotchety, gin-drinking grandmother, is content hiding in Mia's shadow and being her emotional support and confidant.  During the summer before the fateful birthday, Loie watches as Mia tests out her powers, which are just beginning to emerge.  Mia's powers seem to include a little bit of telepathy and telekinesis, although neither of the girls knows exactly what will happen when her powers arrive in full.  Their summer becomes more interesting when a gorgeous Brit named Andreas climbs over the fence (see Teaser Tuesday here).  Both Mia and Loie find themselves attracted to Andreas, but Loie is content to let  Mia have him, at least at first.  As December 21st approaches, Loie starts experiencing strange nightmares,  and after a frightening nighttime attack, the girls realize that things are not exactly as they seem.  Nothing can prepare them for what happens on December 21st.

When the author emailed me inviting me to review this book, I was super excited.  This book is exactly the kind of thing I like to read: YA, urban fantasy, cute man-candy, and secret powers.  I did receive this ebook for free in exchange for a review, but if I were not absolutely beyond broke (about to graduate with my Master's and currently unemployed, living with my parents), I would have purchased it in a heartbeat, especially for the amazing price of $2.99.

I loved this story- it was fast paced, very funny, and had an excellently developed plot with twists and action in all of the right places.  Loie and Mia both show excellent growth throughout the book, and their relationship is honest and imperfect, but they work together to make it through the difficulties that face them.  Andreas is a very NICE boy, which is refreshing, because as much as I <3 Edward, Jace, and even Four, not ALL great guys are secretly tortured and desperate.  Although I don't think we have seen all of Andreas' secrets, he seems to be emotionally healthy and not in need of "fixing."

The only downside of this book was that I felt it was very short!  I read it on my phone, where it was 800 something pages with the font size I use, but in on my laptop it is only 188 pages.  I was really happy to find out that the author is working on a sequel.  I just want to keep reading and learn more about this world- there are still mysteries to uncover and secrets to explore.

I give this book five stars, and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes YA fantasy.  I can't wait to see what happens next!

STAY TUNED for an interview with the author, Augusta Blythe, later this week.

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