Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Today, I'd like to feature some of Meg Cabot's other YA titles.  I've read most of these, but it's been awhile, so I'm just going to touch on each one.

All-American Girl series
All-American Girl, #1
Ready or Not, #2

This is a super fun two-book series about Samantha Madison, an artsy teen living in DC who saves the president from an assassination attempt.  This spirals her into the center of media attention, and earns her a position as Teen Ambassador to the UN.  To complicate things, she finds herself attracted to the president's son, which only fuels the media's intrusion on her life.

I remember really enjoying these books- perfect summer reads for teens looking for something fun.

How to Be Popular
(Stand Alone)

This is probably my least favorite Meg Cabot book, but it was still funny.  Basically, Steph is a social outcast, so she reads a book on How to Be Popular.  The plot is kind of predictable- Steph changes herself, ignores her nerdy friends, and then learns a lesson.

Teen Idol
(Stand Alone)

High school student Jenny  is surprised when  a super hot actor comes to her town for a visit and he pays attention to her!  I remember  this book as being a lot of fun.  I would definitely recommend this a s a good YA stand alone for the beach.  

Avalon High Series
Avalon High, #1
Plus three MANGA novels!

I LOVED Avalon High.  Basically, this girl moves to a new school and finds herself in the midst of an Arthurian myth being replayed.  The first book is a novel, the next three, which I haven't read yet for some reason (my TBR stack is probs the reason) are GRAPHIC NOVELS... How cool is that?  I would definitely recommend this to young teens looking for a strong heroine.  Apparently this also became a Disney Channel movie, but I haven't seen it.

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  1. I love Meg Cabot. I think I'm going to try to read All-American Girl. I love books that take place in DC!