Saturday, November 27, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday- best friends!

Super-fun meme from The Broke and the  Bookish!

Top Ten Characters I'd Like to Be Best Friends With

This is an interesting question, because a lot of my favorite characters I would like to BE, but I wouldn't actually want to hang out with them, haha.

1.  Alice from Twilight- she is SO FUN, has great fashion sense, which can only help me, and she can see the future.  Knowing where I'm going to be living next year would really make me feel better  :D

2.  Harry Potter-  It's no secret that I would love to swap with Hermione or Ginny.  I had a friend in middle school (yah, long time ago!) who was a lot like Harry (in appearance and demeanor), and we totally used to play Harry & Hermione  :D wow. oh man.

3.  Percy Jackson- He's brave and loyal, plus he has a great wit!  I would love to accompany him on his quests.

4.  Alice McKinley from the Alice series-  Alice is always doing something interesting.  She's friends with lots of different people and also has serious integrity.  Plus I'm still convinced that the high school she attends is based on the high school I teach at.

5.  Francisco from the memoirs by Francisco Jimenez- Although Francisco has a rough life full of heartbreak, he's very sincere and hard working, and I'd love to be his friend.

6.  Amal from Does My Head Look Big in This?-  Amal is a spunky Muslim girl who is very very brave.  She is extremely kind to her friends and seems like a lot of fun!

7.  The girls from the Baby-Sitters Club.  Still a fan!

I think that's all, unless I cheat and say I want to be friends with all of the leading men (Edward, Jace, Dimitri, Heathcliff, Mr. Darcy.  I'd be too jealous to be friends with THOSE girls.  Plus, who would want Bella for a friend!?  I'd want Clary for a friend if it weren't for Jace. Just sayin.)


  1. Alice made my list too! You're one of the only bloggers I know who is also an Alice fan, so that is awesome :D

  2. I had Claudia from the baby-sitter's club on my list. I loved those girls so much!