Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Top Ten... Wednesday???

So Tuesdays are really rough for me because I have school all day and then I tutor all evening.  So this week it is definitely a Top Ten Wednesday!

Meme from The Broke and the Bookish!

Top Ten Fictional Crushes

(what a fun list!)

1.  Noah from The Notebook.  I'm probably confusing him with Noah from the movie, but he's so manly and poetic at the same time.
2.  Todd from The Christy Miller Series.  Todd's scruffy good looks and boyish charm works for me.
3.  Edward from Twilight.  I'm kind of a handfull, so I need a little controlling now and then.
4.  George from The Lioness Quartet.  George breaks all of the rules and sees Alanna for who she is.  I also love his accent!
5.  Nawat from the Trickster books.  When he finally returns from war as a man, I just melt.
6.  Numair from the Immortals.  Notice a theme here??
7.  Mr. Darcy  :D  Very demanding.
8.  Michael Moscovitz- mature, older, AND a musician.
9.  Prince Char from Ella Enchanted.
10.  Every man who has been so consumed with desire for the woman he loves that he accomplishes daring and heroic feats.  <3  <3


  1. Hey, you like Tamora Pierce too? Awesome. George is fantastic, one of my favorites from her books.

    Also I totally should have added Char to my list! I *loved* Ella Enchanted so much when I was younger, and Char was definitely part of that :D

  2. I forgot about Prince Char! Do you prefer the movie version or the book version?

  3. I cannot stand the movie version of Ella Enchanted, probs because I read the book about 500 times before seeing the movie ever. The book was my absolute favorite all through upper elementary and middle school, so I was crushed by the changes to the movie. Which one did you like better?

  4. Wow you've got all three of my fav Tortall guys up there! I can't wait for the book about Numair but it's still like 2 years away :(
    I've also got a soft spot for Neal :P