Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday

From The Broke and The Bookish
What ten books will you NEVER read?

1.  The Secret by Rhonda Byrne-  I'm not really a fan of this inner power stuff.
2.  The Shining- Scary books (and movies) give me panic attacks.
3.  Wicked- This is one that I actually gave up on.  I'd love to see the musical, but this book was PAINFUL.  I will never finish it because I found it so BORING and HARD TO FOLLOW.
4.  Political non-fiction.  I'm not interested.
5.  Anything by Dawkins.  Why would you read Dawkins when you can read Stephen Jay Gould?  Seriously?  Dawkins is just a very angry person. 
6.  Anime.  My sister loves it, but I can't get into it.
7.  Helter Skelter... would probably send me into a crazy fit.
8.  War and Peace.  No reason, other than my laziness.
9.  Apparently Paris Hilton "wrote" a book? 
10.  The Host by S. Meyer.  The summary turned me off.

Of course, there's no book that I absolutely won't read if there is a good reason to read it, so I imagine that I will have read some of these books by the time I die.  This list is more like books that I skim over the titles at the used bookstore.


  1. Nice list. I forgot about Anime and War and Peace, both of which could have had a place on my list and pretty much for the same reasons you list.

  2. Anime! Holy cow, I can't understand that phenomenon. Agreed on political non-fiction too!

  3. GASP. You should definitely give The Host a try! It's such an amazing novel!

  4. Ha ha I refuse to read Twilight or any of them but did read The Hose (had an ARC) because of the summary.

    Agree with anime/manga. So not interesting to me.

    My list is here: http://www.sarahreck.com/blog/?p=281

  5. War and Peace was one of my picks too! Also I dislike horror books too so I would stay away from The Shining as well.

  6. I agree with quite a few of those. Nice list!

  7. Oh man, Wicked was definitely painful to read. How can such an interesting subject be made so boring? It was such a disappointment.
    On the other hand, I kind of like Dawkins. While Gould can be good, he can also be too namby-pamby for me sometimes. And Dawkins is great when he's writing about science, like in The Selfish Gene or The Blind Watchmaker. But then, the best science and religion writer will always be Carl Sagan. ;)

    - Emily @ Reading While Female

  8. The Secret and Wicked both made my list. I don't 'get' anime either. Never have.

  9. As a high school librarian I find that there are two kinds of readers for Wicked: those who love it and those who hate it. No moderates. I fell into the "hate it" category.