Monday, September 6, 2010

Review- Alice in Charge by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

I love Alice.  I should have made her one of my Top Ten Tuesday heroines, but unfortunately I overlooked her.

This is Alice's newest book, published in 2010.  I actually think that this is the 25th book in the Alice series, which spans her life from elementary school to currently her senior year of high school.

In this particular story, Alice's almost-boyfriend is away at college while she is dealing with the death of a friend (in a previous book), choosing her own college, and using her status as features editor of the school newspaper to investigate some Nazi-action on campus.

Alice in Charge was unique among the series because usually the books focus on a problem or series of problems centered around her closest friends, but this book focuses on a much larger issue of intolerance and hate.  The controversial sexual element was still present, which is one reason that I love these books.  They deal with tween and teen sexuality realistically- not totally absent such as the Babysitters Club but not stylized and glamorized like in Secret Life of the American Teenager.  The Alice books actually advocate for abstinence, not until marriage, but until Alice is in a safe, loving relationship with a degree of serious commitment.  In the meantime, she has enough adventurous escapades including a late night hot tub crashing, trying to find somewhere to sleep on a college campus, and a new male friend from Sudan.

As you can tell, I love these books.  There are no cons to this book, but it's certainly not 5-stars (like The Hunger Games) on my rating scale.  4 stars- and I recommend this book SERIES to anyone who likes realistic YA literature and anyone who works with middle/high schoolers.  I know I'll be giving these books to my daughters (as age-appropriate).  <3 <3 <3


  1. Oh I loved the Alice series SO MUCH when I was younger! I still read each new one that's released, although I haven't been enjoying the latest few additions so much (perhaps because they've been a little more serious?) That hot-tub scene was funny, though! So awesome to find somebody else who is an Alice fan - which are your favorites? I always loved Alice-in-Between, Achingly Alice and Alice the Brave.

  2. danya- I'm glad you like them too :D I'm not sure which ones are my favorites- they are all very similar but with different major themes. I definitely enjoyed Dangerously Alice the most out of the recent ones, however.

  3. I LOVE the Alice series. I remember starting them in Middle School and reading through most of high school. I did not know Naylor was still writing these books. I will have to seek them out now.

  4. Aw, this book sounds so sweet! And I love how it's realistic and honest. That's essential in YA. Fabulous review!