Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Vow: Not Sappy Enough

So after listening to my best friend from high school gush about how excited he was to watch The Vow now that it is out on DVD, I decided to rent it this morning from Amazon.  I love Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum (this friend and I have already made plans to go see Magic Mike this summer!), and I have been begging my fiance to rent it with me for awhile.  The trailer made the movie out to be heartbreaking and beautiful, and I was expecting to be torn apart and refreshed like when I watched The Time Traveler's Wife or when I read The Fault in Our Stars.  The Vow was certainly beautiful- I loved her sculptures, the urban background, the great costuming and make up (love Paige's wedding gown!), but it didn't make me cry- I didn't even tear up!  I still think the story is beautiful and inspirational (more so because it's true), but I was expecting to be crying into my ice cream.

My favorite thing about the movie was actually really unexpected.  The Vow is set in Chicago, and there are lots of city images in the movie, so I feel much better able to picture the setting of Divergent now!  Paige and Leo visit the bean shaped sculpture that is near the Erudite compound, and there are trains running all over the city! I'm from DC, so I'm used to most of the trains being underground.  It gave me a good background from which to view the Divergent story now.

I'm glad I watched The Vow, but I'm also glad I didn't make my fiance watch it with me.  I'm still saving up credits to get him to go see Breaking Dawn part II with me this fall :)

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