Thursday, June 23, 2011

Review of Trance of Insignificance by Jennifer Rainville

Jennifer Rainville
2011 Debut!
Adult Fiction
226 pages
*Interview with author coming soon!*

I love the symbolism of the cover.
Jules is standing at a street corner, looking at the street signs.
Which way will she go?  Will she follow the directions imposed upon her or find her own way?

Trance of Insignificance tells the story of Jules, a young woman who escaped her dysfunctional life in South Boston for a dynamic career, first in politics in DC, then in television news in New York City.  She is beautiful, strong, and ambitious, but she can't seem to find the right man for her.  This story is told through events in the present, flashbacks to a past relationship, and a few glimpses of her childhood.  The book centers around Jules' attraction to a handsome, powerful news anchor and her struggle to move on when he fails her.  The depth of their passion and the problems that ultimately destroy it are revealed through the story as Jules must decide between this past lover and her new husband, who is everything she ever imagined wanting in a husband.

The main drama of the story is captivating- the challenges that meet Jules and how she deals with them make what could be simply a chick lit romance into a powerful story about perseverance.  In addition to a fast-paced plot, this book also has several story elements that I love: awesome clothes, New York City, a perfect proposal, and an unexpected-yet-authentic ending.  One of the most engaging scenes is near the beginning of the book- it is Jules' first day of working at NEWS 30, and it happens to be September 11th, 2001.  Reading about that day from a media perspective was fascinating.  We all have our stories about where we were when we found out that the towers fell, but I have never considered it from the point of view of the media.  While this story is fiction, it reads like a very personal account, and the author's rich, honest voice made this book a passionate experience for me.

While I initially had trouble keeping up with the changes in dates due to the flashbacks, the flashbacks are used to provide background on the cause of events or feelings in Jules' life.  As soon as I became comfortable with jumping between the couple of time periods/locations, I really enjoyed how the flashbacks added depth to the story.  

Four stars to an excellent debut.  I would recommend this to adult and mature teen readers who enjoy big-city stories about romance and enjoying life.  For more information, check out the author's website and blog here.  

**Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.**

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