Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Top Ten Minor Characters

Beware of spoilers!  (All books have been out for at least 6 months.)

This topic was challenging for me because I can't really decide who counts as a minor character!  It's hard to call anyone who influences the plot "minor."  I finally decided on the following list:

10. Kissin' Kate Barlow from Holes- She's so feisty and cool... also scary!

9. Jonas's Father from The Giver-  Although he ultimately "fails" Jonas when Jonas realizes what some of his Father's job duties are, I think that he represents how someone so kind and well-meaning can still be blind to reality and do harmful things.  The best of intentions often fall short.

8. Milligan from The Mysterious Benedict Society- Milligan always seems to be there to save the day.  He's endlessly brave and skilled with defense.

7. The ogres in Ella Enchanted- These are the nastiest, most fascinating ogres of all time.  Plus they lead to the dashing Prince Char scene.
6. Phineas Nigellus Black from Harry Potter- I rather wish that I had portraits of old scientists in my classroom that could talk.  If Darwin would just tell them to shut up and do their work, we might get a lot more done!

5. The Chairman from Memoirs of a Geisha- I'm not sure if he counts as a minor character, but he doesn't get a lot of page time.  I love how he is such a romantic ideal, very mysterious.

4. Minnie from Mini Shopaholic- Minnie is the cutest, naughtiest shopaholic in the world.  She reminds me of my boyfriend's niece, and I love the name Minnie (on her, anyways)!

3. Kristy's mom from The Babysitters Club- Kristy's mom is such a strong, resilient woman who sets a terrific example for young women everywhere!

2. Uncle Bob from The Christy Miller Series- Uncle Bob is so kind, firm, and shows great character development throughout the series.  I love how even-tempered he is!

1.  Cinna from The Hunger Games- He is so surprisingly strong and brave.  I love his flair for design as well!

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  1. I love that you had a character from The Giver as well. And Kristy's mom- what a throwback to my reading as a tween.