Saturday, September 11, 2010

Review- The Skein and the Pair by Kathy Flanary Nelson

Thanks to the author, Kathy F. Nelson, for sending me this book to review!

The Skein and the Pair, published in 2010

This book is a cute story about a family of geese who pair up and fly across country to raise families.  It's very short, only 92 pages, and a great read for fall.  I can imagine really enjoying reading it to kids on a camping trip.  It's definitely appropriate for families, and I think I might read parts of it to my students some time.

Pros:  informative, cute, and original.  The geese are personified, but it is obvious that the author spent a lot of time observing the geese to understand their behaviors.  It was fun to read about what geese might be thinking when they do the silly things that we observe them doing!  Some of the imagery was amazing without being burdeningly descriptive.

Cons:  The punctuation is really messed up, and this was distracting to me.  Some of the dialogue also seemed very forced.  I also wished the story was longer with a more developed plot.  That said, this was the perfect length for a family read.

3 stars.  :D

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