Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Like many of you out there, I have way too many TBR books to actually read.  It's becoming embarrassing.  I'm a full time student teacher also taking 6-10 hours of night/Saturday classes depending on the week, and I teach youth at my church and tutor to make ends meet.  Yet somehow I thought it was a great idea to not only BUY a bunch of books, but to check out the following from the library:

Current Library Stack

OH WAIT- but I just checked and two books have come in for me!

Now, I could try to renew most of these, but then other people won't have access to them.  Also, I want to finish Mockingjay as soon as possible both so I can know what happens and so other people can read it!  

Does anyone else have an irrational hoarding behavior with regard to library books? 


  1. I can't believe you check out that many books! You have quite a few great ones in your pile though. I loved Gamer Girl and several others in your pile I've been meaning to read. What's really wrong with hoarding? I can't ever seem to get my TBR pile down under 50 before a buy another book. At least I always have something to read!

  2. You are not alone in your library addiction. :) I seem to constantly come home with more books than I can handle -- between what I've put on hold, and what's shiny and new, I always seem to have a full bag. :)

  3. too funny to see a library addiction post, not only do i go a little too crazy at the library, but I take major advantage of interlibrary loan to get, yup, more books.

    my typical saturday - go to library to get my ILL that came in. browse the "New" section, find something that looks interesting, but realize it's book two in a series. wander over to fiction to find book One. Just for kicks, browse through cookbooks and find a few ethnic ones that look good. peek through graphic novels, again, just for kicks, grab a few.

    Stop at the ILL terminal to request something else I just remembered that I want.

    Go in for one book, walk out with 6. I have to physically restrain myself from going down to the friends of the library bookstore that's in the basement.