Saturday, August 28, 2010

Reading Through Catching Fire- *spoilers* (none for Mockingjay, though!)

So I just have to vent a little bit of how tired I am of love triangles.  Seriously.  Peeta and Gale.  They are both great guys, and they both have feelings for Katniss, but she is not sure about her feelings for either.  She doesn't want to get married, but, oh, what about Gale?

I think that this happens sometimes in real life, but it is so heartbreaking- who wants to read about it!?  I am hoping that some great twist occurs either later in this book or in Mockingjay that solves the problem.  (Only I hope that Peeta does not fall in love with Katniss's daughter.  How weird was that?? I do admit that I was happy to have a happy ending all the way around.)  I could never decide between Edward and Jacob, and I don't think I could decide between Peeta and Gale- but right now, I am leaning towards Peeta.  He's a  BAKER.  He could make Katniss cakes everyday for the rest of her life!  Plus he's rich too! (I am, on occasion, a bit superficial).

What do you think/did you think?  Please no spoilers- I am only halfway through Catching Fire!


  1. I won't spoil a single thing for you, but I agree...the love triangle idea is old. I'll admit, I've been Team Peeta through the entire series (simply because he is my favourite character.) I don't think you'll be disappointed with end of Catching Fire or with Mockingjay because the story is so much more than the triangle :)

  2. Oh my gosh, I am getting tired of love triangles. Honestly, after reading that scene in Eclipse with Jacob where Bella says she's choosing Edward, I felt so devastated for the poor old werewolf.

    That's why I dislike them so much; I don't like the idea of the one loser who's going to be miserable for the rest of their life.

    I'm totally Team Peeta too! He is just a sweetie and well, he deserves Katniss. But I have a feeling Team Gale's going to come out on top. Or maybe all of them just die. Who knows? Suzanne Collins is definitely not a faint-hearted writer.

    I can't wait 'til my library has Mockingjay so I can finally read it!